couponing w/kaseface pt. 1


Hey friends, how’s it going? I’m doing really great at the moment because I’m so excited about the great deals I got at Safeway. I walked away with all this for only $12.04.

The retail value of this stuff was around $40 so I think I did great considering I went to the store on a whim to see if I could get any deals with my coupons that expired that day.

The savings are very encouraging:

  • Two boxes of cereal .50 cents each
  • Gallon of organic milk 3.09
  • Two boxes of popcorn .75 cents each
  • Detergent FREE!
  • Carefree FREE!

The bread was by far the most expensive thing I bought for $3.39 (I felt bad about it, but it’s my favorite and Safeway is the only grocery store in walking distance), the deodorant was 2.99, and the People magazine was only 2.99! I had coupons for everything , but the cereal and popcorn were on clearance, and combined with the coupon worked out to be a really nice deal. I was able to get the free items because my Safeway doubles coupons with denominations under $1. I had three .50 cent off coupons for Carefree with no size restrictions, and one .50 cent coupon for Tide with no size restrictions. Since I was only trying to get rid of the coupon, not spend any money, I headed to the travel section and found trial size packs for .99 cents. The coupons doubled to $1 and viola, FREE!

So how did I learn how to do this? Well, there are all kinds of websites about couponing. I started with The Krazy Koupon Lady. By going to the beginners section, I started to learn terminology, rules, and general guidelines. Many, many other sites offer a plethora of information to people who are new to the process. The Coupon Wizards even have live webinars going on this week, I plan on attending the one tonight.

In addition to offering general information about couponing, these sites are an invaluable resource in reducing the amount of time it takes to find deals. Literally, all you have to do is click on the store you plan on going to and all the big deals are already put together for you. However, they cannot possibly find all of them! I find that to be half the fun of going to the store. I love the clearance section. If I’m lucky enough have a coupon for something in the clearance section to make it wildly cheap or free, it’s on like Donkey Kong!!

As I was writing this, I realized that the topic of couponing is going to have to be a series of posts. When I write about couponing, I’ll always label it “Couponing w/Kaseface.” Anything else will be titled accordingly. In the next part of Couponing w/Kaseface, I’ll start to explain how I gather and organize my coupons. Hopefully by then you will have had a chance to get familiar with some of the verbiage so you know what I’m talking about! It’s easy to get overwhelmed but just take it as slowly as you need to. The posts aren’t going anywhere and it’s easy to start small then, once you kinda get the hang of it, do more and more. ‘Til next time…

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