couponing with kaseface part 3


So now that you know where to get your coupons and how to cut them out, it’s time to get organized.  This is a great weekend to do it because there are no inserts on holiday weekends, so you can get organized without being overwhelmed by tons of new coupons.

There are a lot of different ways that coupons can be organized.  People use envelopes, mini file thingies (I think that’s the technical term for them), index card holders, etc.  Couponers like kaseface, however, use what coupon nerds call the binder method.

My binder is my best friend when I’m at the store. Let’s just go ahead and address the question right away. Is it embarrassing to walk around with a huge binder full of coupons? No, my friends. It’s embarrassing to pay full price for something that the store is clearly giving away for free with coupons!  It happens, people.  More often than you would think.

I got my sweet binder at Pottery Barn Teen. I use a zip binder so coupons don’t go flying out when I drop it(I’m all thumbs). Inside my binder you will find coupon sleeves of all shapes and sizes.

I get my coupon sleeves from thekrazieqponlady on ebay.  I started with a sampler pack, and then ordered more as I went along and got more into it.  Once you start, you will find out which kind of sleeves come in the most handy for you.  I think you can also find just the basic 9-pocket sleeves at hobby stores, as they serve a dual purpose for organizing trading cards.

There are many different ways in which to organize your coupons within your binder.  You can go by aisle, alphabetically, category, whatever way works the best for you.  It’s your binder, think about what will be easiest for you and organize it that way.

I use dividers with pockets to separate my categories.  The pockets are really helpful, especially if you run out of space in your coupon sleeves, or can’t file a coupon right away.  I bought some dividers without pockets and I still regret that purchase.

I have two different binders.   I have a food binder and I have an everything else binder.  My food binder is organized into broad categories like:

  • refrigerated/dairy
  • pantry
  • frozen food
  • drinks

Within those broad categories, I group my coupons together.  For instance, in the pantry section all the cereal is together, all the snacks are together, all the chips are together, etc.  I separated my food binder from everything else because my original binder was really heavy and the sleeves would come out of the rings– it drove me nuts! So, I ordered another binder and split it up.

My “everything else” binder includes everything that isn’t food.  The categories aren’t as broad in this binder but they work for me because everything fits somewhere.

  • teeth
  • body/face
  • cosmetics
  • detergent
  • cleaning
  • paper
  • hair
  • miscellaneous
  • Target Q’s

Something else that I like about my binder are the many pockets and pouches at my disposal.  The zip pouch at the front of the binder is great for when I pull all the coupons I am going to use before I go to the store.  I can store them all in one place and not have to worry about losing anything.

The pouch can also be used to hold pens in case you have to mark something off your list, scissors, in case you have to pick up an ad with coupons at the store and don’t want to risk tearing off the barcode or expiration date.  It’s multi-functional and for that, I am thankful.  There is also a little pocket in the front of the binder that can be used similarly:

front pocket closed

front pocket opened up

There are also various pen holders and pockets in the inside of the front cover.  Like I said, there are dozens of uses for all these compartments and I use mine for all kinds of things. The binder is just convenient, plain and simple.

Since I rely on my binder so much, it’s crucial that it makes it with me to the store!  I have been known to put my binders in a reusable shopping bag and set that bag by the door, or to put my bags/binders in the car ahead of time to help myself remember. I have found doing that helps me remember my binders AND reusable bags.

I think the real reason I like my binder, as “OCD” as it sounds, is because it’s something I can control. When it’s all in order, I like to sit down and flip through it just admiring how pretty it is and how much money it’s going to save me.  I’m sick, I know!

Go get your binders in order and grab those weekly ads because in the next couponing w/kaseface post I’ll be talking about why I like to coupon at Target.  It’s the only store that has a coupon section in my binder and there’s a reason for that!   I think it’s one of the easiest, if not the easiest store in which to get great deals using coupons.  I will show you some scenarios that have worked for me and also share which items that I always find for pennies or free at Target, and therefore refuse to pay for anymore, anywhere else.  Ever! So get organized, it’s almost time to shop!


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