Monthly Archives: August 2012

interviews and news


Thanks for coming back and reading another post.  I know I was going to discuss California in this post, but I’m still attempting to wrap my head around being back!  I’m accepting it slowly, but I’m not there yet.  I’ll write about it when I get there.    In the meantime, a picture from the camping trip I went on during my stay:

Onward.  There’s  news on the job front.   I had several job interviews this month.  Two for a small advertising agency and two for a specialty grocery store you may have heard of before.

Boom.  I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to finally get to Dallas and now it’s here.  Since it is easily my favorite grocery store I might as well go ahead and work there part time, too.  It’s an awesome company to work for, I’m excited to be a part of introducing the greatness that is Trader Joe’s to newbies.

I think even if something crazy happened and I did get the job at the agency, I would still take the time to work at TJ’s on the weekend.  So this is exciting for several reasons: steady income, fun work environment, getting out of the house to go do something that isn’t sitting at a house surrounded by very cute, but very demanding tiny people (and sometimes, animals).

So that’s definitely been the biggest addition to my life since I last wrote.  Like I said, I did interview at an agency and I was told at my second interview that I was in the top three.  What my interviewer said impressed them most about me was the writing assignment I turned in.   That’s a huge compliment to me regardless of my employment there.   I love writing compliments.  Don’t tell me I look pretty  or that you like my hair, tell me what I really want to hear.  Tell me you like my writing!

I’ll keep this one short and sweet.  ‘Til next time!