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dance, dance: part 2


Hey ya’ll.  Long time no post, I know.  I have no excuses to offer,  I should probably make writing blogs a part of my weekly routine so I keep up with it.  I am a creature of habit, and while I won’t say I have a hard time adjusting to deviations from my routine, maybe I should!  As I’ve shared before, I like to know what to expect out of my day.  I’m not big on change, and while I will adapt to it eventually, I won’t even lie, the thought of having to adapt  definitely brings on a little anxiety.

So I’ve previously shared with you the main staple of my workout routine, Danceaton.  If you haven’t read the post, you probably should, just so you know how much I love it.  When I was just picking up random side jobs at the beginning of this year and had a lot of time on my hands, sometimes I would go up to eight times a week.  I love it.  There is no other workout like it.

You can probably imagine my disappointment when I received the news that Danceaton and 24 hour fitness decided to part ways, ending the class at all 24 hour fitness locations.  Over the last ten months, it’s become part of my routine.  I loved dancing to start off my day, even if I cried before and after class, Danceaton was my respite.  It was my therapy outside of therapy.  It was my sunshine on a cloudy day, and I know I am not the only Danceatonian who felt this way.  It’s changed so many lives, transformed so many bodies, instilled so much confidence that was lost, and fostered so many friendships.  And that’s just what I’ve seen at my main gym.

So of course, we were all up in arms about losing such an important part of our workout routine and, to be honest, lives.  I know I met the replacement classes with skepticism, knowing  nothing could ever replace my beloved Danceaton! It’s been two weeks and this morning was the first time I could even think about setting foot into Cardio Dance Party, the class that used to be Danceaton.  And guess what?

I had a blast!  It’s such a different format, and the teacher had so many awesome hip hop moves that it was very challenging! I have a feeling it’ll take a while, but  I can’t wait to learn more and get good at it!  I love a good challenge and more importantly, a good lesson.  One that I’ve seen over and over again this year.  I need to branch out and try new things and not get stuck in my same old routine.  I know there will be things that I like and things that I don’t like but I should really challenge myself not to be so closed minded when presented with change.  Anything like this ever happened to you?  I’d love to hear about it.  ‘Til next time!