Year in Review 2012 pt. 2


Hello friends.  Hope you’re all caught up to what happened in the first three months of 2012 from part one of my year in review.  I’m going to jump right in to part two, which begins  in April.

I knew April wouldn’t be easy.  My mom’s birthday is April 15 and her not being here for it was strange.  I knew she wouldn’t want me to be sad, but it was impossible not to be.  I popped open a bottle of champagne that day, made a nice dinner, and toasted to her.

here’s to you, mom.

What really meant the world to me,  was seeing my mom’s friends gather to celebrate her birthday in Chicago.  Those are real friends, ones who will get together even after you’re gone to celebrate you.

true friends

Four days later was the first anniversary of her passing.   I remember going to dance that morning and wearing a white flower in my hair for her. Some of my new fitness friends learned what I was going through by reading my blog and were extremely sympathetic. They offered up hugs and words of encouragement and support, but also kept me company all morning at coffee and lunch.  I laughed a lot, and my spirits were way higher all around than I ever thought could be possible on such a sad day.

That day also brought my most viewed blog post of all time.  I wrote about my mom and what she meant to me, and how my life changed in the year  since losing her.

I miss her everyday

I miss her everyday

April wasn’t all sad though, my brother came to visit, my old friend Michelle, who I’ve known since middle school took me to a Mav”s game and I participated in my second flash mob.

May is generally my favorite month of the year.  April is over, the weather is AMAZING, and all the fun summer activities begin.  This May I went to Kentucky to watch my cousin graduate from Berea College.  It was pretty fun, I went with my dad and it’s always good to spend time with him.  I’m proud of my cousin, I remember helping her learn how to read one summer and here she is, graduating from college.  Crazy!


pretty sky on the way to kentucky, who knows where i put the rest of the pics!

May also brought me a “graduation” of my own, from therapy.  I went for nine months to get help coping with my trauma and grief.  I wouldn’t have made nearly as much progress, nearly as quickly without my awesome therapist. Additionally, she challenged me to look inside myself, move forward and face my fears.  I continue to work on all of those things to this day.  It’s definitely been a journey, but an interesting one!  Graduating from therapy was one big milestone in my journey to self discovery this year, but it wasn’t the only one.  I’ll share the other with you a little later on.

holls and I at taste of addison in may

Another major highlight of May was getting to go see Drake!  I know a lot of people don’t openly admit to liking rap music, but I will! I like good beats and light subject matter.  I  love me some Drizzy so when he came through Dallas I had to go see him.  It was really fun.  I will share with you that never, have I ever, in all my years of going to shows and concerts, seen one man have such a dynamic effect on so many women.  Women, grown women were literally stripping, crying and acting a fool at the mere  sight of him.  Before he even started singing.   It was a little baffling, but even more entertaining and hilarious!



Well, almost halfway done with the year!  In the next post I’ll talk about throwing my first baby shower, my trip to California and more!  Til then!

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