Year in Review 2012 pt. 3


Hey friends, happy new year!  I just realized this will probably a few more installments than last year! This one will be the longest because I had a really great summer.

The months leading up to June and the entire month of June was spent getting ready to throw a baby shower!  I was so excited to learn that my friend of over 14 years was having a baby girl.  We all know how I feel about babies and I wanted to throw little Sophie a really great shower.

The theme was split between a bright, colorful garden theme and Winnie the Pooh/Hundred Acre Woods.


beautiful cake by another old friend from high school!


love letters to sophie


diaper cake

The shower was tons of fun, I was so happy to be a part of the celebration.  Four days after the shower I flew to California, where I would spend the next three weeks! I got to Los Angeles on the Fourth of July.  We spent the next few days at the beach and exploring.  I also got to celebrate my birthday in one of my favorite cities in the country.


everything’s beachy keen!


magical birthday wish…i’m blowing out a sparkler, from an onion. still counts!


rooftop birthday celebration continues with holly and the secret state


what is a birthday, if you don’t get dressed up as random characters and paint the town red?


hilarity ensues

Some highlights were my birthday, obvi!  I also got to see some stand-up comedy at the Laugh Factory.  There was actually a decent sized scandal that arose out of that night for surprise guest Daniel Tosh.  It was interesting to read the news stories since the entire thing went down one row in front of me .   I also saw the Dan Band live, which is something I always wanted to do.  You would recognize them from Old School and The Hangover.

After I left la la land, I headed north. My brother lives just outside of San Francisco so I got to come bother him for two and a half weeks.  The first big thing that we did was go camping with a bunch of his friends.  Being as afraid of bugs/not resistant to cold, I haven’t camped very much in my life so I didn’t really know what to expect.  This is what I got:


i love california


in the light



Camping activities included pinatas…

Hello Kitty pinatas and jammies

Hello Kitty pinata and jammies

my loot!

my loot!

and dancing, because there was a DJ booth set up, with generator.  It was so much fun!  I also have to mention the fantastic food and build your own crepe station they had set up the next morning.  I’ve never seen anything like it, but if I ever go camping again, it needs to be like this!


spinnin beats!


yummy spread!

Second big event was our ice cream walk.  San Francisco has some great ice cream spots and at a BBQ, one of my brother’s friends had the brilliant idea that we should go on an ice cream walk. We went to the three most popular ice cream places: Mitchell’s, Humphry Slocombe, and BiRite.   We also stopped at one coffee shop to combat the sugar shock.  We honestly had to get BiRite’s to go because we were physically unable to consume any more sugar by that time. I got toasted almond ice cream at Mitchell’s and brown butter pecan at BiRite.  I can’t remember what I got at Humphry Slocombe that day, but they have the weirdest ice cream flavors ever!  Government cheese, Elvis: the fat years, mushroom, salt and pepper…it’s wild stuff.



Weirdly enough, they were serving Humphry Slocombe’s secret breakfast ice cream (bourbon, cornflakes) with my bourbon pecan pie dessert a few days later at Umami Burger.  The most crow I ate all year was at Umami Burger in San Francisco when they wouldn’t let me make any substitutions for my turkey burger.  I was so mad and all I kept saying was “This better be the best *expletive* turkey burger I’ve ever had in my life!!” over and over.  It totally was, it was so delicious!


I can’t wait to go back!

The big finish to my trip to Cali was going to Yosemite!  My brother and I took a day trip up there to see the sprawling, natural beauty.  I would describe it to you, but I think it’ll be said better with pictures.








I headed back to Texas the day after that.  I had a great time in California, and I never want to leave once I’m there.  I’ll start the last four months of the year next time, it’ll include my new job at Trader Joe’s, the most psycho gym I’ve ever been to, the end of Danceaton as I knew it, and more!  Til then!

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