Year in Review 2012 pt. 4


So a couple of fun things happened in August!  You might have noticed how many sweets I bragged about eating on my trip to California, so once I got back I decided to cash in my Groupon for Psycho Gym.  And psycho it was…a crazy, kettle bell, circuit training, boot camp workout, with each day harder than the last.  I think I went something like 15 times, the other 15 I was literally too sore or too worn out to go.  There was a real sense of accomplishment that came from completing what felt like a thirty day punishment for something I didn’t even do.   I’m definitely going to do it again!

I started my job at Trader Joe’s in August and the rest is pretty much history!  It’s been awesome, I really enjoy working there.  I’m also really excited to have health insurance for the first time since 2007! It’ll be weird to get sick and not have to scavenge through multiple medicine cabinets, drawers and containers looking for old, leftover medicine!  It’s the little things in life.


When September rolled around, I could only look forward to the end of it.  Why?  The fair!!  I set a personal record this year by going five times!


yes, i’m wearing my friend’s faces on my shirt

I know, I’m sick but I had fun every single time.  Whatever work I did at Psycho Gym was gone after eating all the deep fried deliciousness that I ate.  My favorite thing, in hindsight, was absolutely the Fried Samoa Girl Scout Cookies.  Good. Ness.  They were amazing.


having another one in t-minus 9 months

I LOVE the fair.


the only ride I will get on at the fair is the texas star


nick cage in his sexy days as depicted on a rollercoaster

with the besties


Photo: "ebony and ivory" taking over the fair!

last picture with big tex before he burned up

In addition to fair-going, fall included early voting, my first 5k, welcoming my friend Amber’s baby, Layla, into the world, getting settled in at Trader Joe’s and at my new, weekly nanny job and getting an awesome new phone!

Photo: sweet angel, looking so pretty in pink. so glad I got to meet layla rose today Amber Hunt-Harper


The only downside to fall was that a major part of my daily routine disappeared.   At the end of October it was announced that Danceaton would no longer be offered at 24 hour fitness.  And after the fair!  That’s just cruel… I was pretty heartbroken about it.  I still miss it, but have had to find other workouts.  What I REALLY miss though, is seeing my friends all the time.

Thanksgiving was awesome!  I woke up really early to join a few coworkers for a game of flag football.  I didn’t play, of course, but I had a great time watching and drinking mimosas.

charlotte and I!

My dad and I made dinner and Holly joined us to eat, obviously! We love having her around.  The three of us didn’t even make a dent.

After dinner, I got to spend time with friends, friends of friends, and family of friends.  It was a great night and I really thought last Thanksgiving would be tough to beat!  I had a blast.

Well, FINALLY next time I will get to my last trip of the year, saying goodbye to a friend, Christmas and New Years.  Thanks for sticking with me this long!  I’m not usually so wordy, I’m not sure what happened this year! Til next time!

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