Monthly Archives: February 2013

halfway there


Hi there! I am a deadbeat blogger lately, my apologies. There has been so much going on with work, which is why I’m starting to write this at nap time on a Sunday, at the end of a 50 hour work week.

I’ve read time and time again about how once someone is on their right path, they start getting lucky all the time. Things all of a sudden just start falling into place and aligning correctly in a path that leads forward. That isn’t to say there aren’t any or many bumps along the way, but generally, circumstances start moving in your favor.

This year is the first time I have ever felt that in my life. I decided what direction I want to take my life toward the end of last year and set up small goals to work toward being able to start by next year. As “luck” would have it, I’m ahead of schedule for once in my life! Okay, twice, if you count being born early.

As a late bloomer in most, if not all aspects of my life (as well as being an unrelenting realist and somewhat of a pessimist) I can barely contain my excitement at the prospect of something I want actually coming to fruition. It’s still really early on, but I have a lot of encouragement, determination, and faith that I’m going the right direction. And really, that’s the only feeling I’ve ever wanted in a career.

I’ll reveal more when I have more and get all the way to goal #1. I’m halfway there already, just have to keep my eyes on the prize.

How’s YOUR year going so far?