Monthly Archives: March 2013

the thing that leads to THE thing


In my last post, I mentioned that I think I am finally on the right path. Things have really been falling into place with work and I am so happy that I make enough money that I can save almost half of my income doing something that I really like. I am saving to do something that I love, but being a nanny is a great job in the interim. I am not confident or sure about many aspects of my life, but one area that I am confident in and know with absolute certainty it’s what I am supposed to be doing, is working with small children. This has been constantly reinforced throughout my life, but especially this year.

Last month I started working with a new family through the agency and I instantly clicked with the little boy and his family. I sit for them about 35 hours of my weekend. The sacrifice of giving up my weekends for a while is worth it to me because I love the little boy and they compensate me so well that I am able to actually save what I need to get to where I want to go almost 5x faster than I did before I started with them.

My dilemma started yesterday when they asked me if I would night nanny for their little girl on the way. Now, if you know me you know that I am absolutely CRAZY about very tiny babies. I nearly burst into tears at the sight of them. If you know me even better, you know that while I love newborns, I have very little experience taking care of them. And better still, that I have a rough time functioning on no sleep.

I will be trained of course, by the agency and the family and I feel like it’s an honor that they trust me so much even without that experience to take care of their little newbie for six months. In that six months, I already know I would be able to save probably more than what I need to get my business started. The prospect of that is super exciting to me and makes me want to do it. However, will I be able to hold down two jobs if I am a night nanny 3+ times a week? What about Trader Joe’s? What about my other families that have grown to depend on me? What about sleep?!

My instinct is to go ahead and do it and just play the other stuff by ear. I have way more to gain than lose from the situation. I already lost my insurance at Trader Joe’s because I got scheduled for too few hours, so what’s another six months without it, really? I mean, with the exception of these three months, it’s been six years anyway. I’ve adapted, barring any life threatening illnesses or injuries which, let’s face it, are far more likely to happen at TJ’s than babysitting.

I want the six months after the baby gets here to be the thing that leads to THE THING. I want THE THING enough that I want to make sure I don’t get trapped being a night nanny for longer than that. I feel like I should put a limit on it until the end of this year and then continue to move forward with everything else.

I think that I may have actually solved my dilemma while writing this, so thanks for being my sounding board! If you have any thoughts on the situation feel free to comment. Til next time!